Common Causes Of Vehicular Accidents

The number of road accidents happening is increasing at an alarming rate every year. There are several reasons why these road accidents happen. These reasons are important when it comes to proving who has caused the accident and who should be responsible for it. Here are the common causes of road accidents.

  • DUI or substance abuse – DUI is on the top of the list when it comes to road accidents. Usually, the drivers who cause accidents are under the influence of drugs or are highly intoxicated from alcohol.
  • Over speeding – The next on the list is exceeding allowed speed and end up losing control or hitting a slowing vehicle. Though this is not as common as DUI, this common cause of road accidents can be the most destructive of all.
  • Road faults – Highways and other roads may have rocky roads that are dangerous for cars to run on. There are also times that sharp or blind curves do not have proper signage or there are no available road lights. Another common reason is slippery roads during rain or snow.

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