Important Qualities Of A Slip and Fall Lawyer

Getting serious injuries after a slip and fall accident should be just brushed off. Hire a slip and fall lawyer who can represent your claim and win the case for you. Here are qualities to look for:

  • Qualifications – Make sure they can handle all elements of your lawsuit, including anything related to depositions, motions, arbitrations, mediations, and trial if necessary. Make sure they have specific experience with your type of case and ask what the timeline to expect may be.
  • Accessibility – Make sure your lawyer is always accessible, not just when you must attend scheduled settlement or court sessions. This open form of communication is especially important in a slip and fall case because you may be hospital- or home-bound due to your injury.
  • High success rate – Make sure the lawyer you consider has a more than 80 percent success rate in cases in which they have represented clients going through a similar case as yours. Good attorneys will be transparent about their track record for verdicts and settlements.

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