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Back-to-School Injury Risks for Children

Many children across the country are heading back to school, which can be a relief for many parents. However, parents should always take the time to prepare their kids for the new school year, which can include going over injury risks and tips to stay safe. The following are only some injury risks when children return to school.

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stoned driver

Were You Hit by a Stoned Driver?

Ten states and Washington, D.C. have legalized the possession and use of recreational marijuana. 33 additional states permit the use of medical marijuana with proper authorization from a physician. With legal weed for sale in many states, more and more people are purchasing marijuana and perhaps even traveling with it to other states.

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personal injury FAQ

Personal Injury FAQ

Accidental injuries are a leading cause of emergency room visits and deaths in the United States. If you sustain an unexpected injury, you should always learn about your legal rights from an experienced personal injury lawyer in Boca Raton. The following are some brief answers to common questions about personal injury law.

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medical malpractice

Did Your Surgeon Make a Harmful Mistake?

Surgery is always a risky proposition, as many things can go wrong to result in serious complications or even the death of a patient. Some surgical mishaps are unavoidable and are not necessarily anyone’s fault. However, the risks of harm get significantly higher when a surgeon makes a serious error.

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head injury

Your Legal Rights after a Head Injury

Trauma to your head can be particularly serious, and it may result in many types of injuries including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), skull fractures, eye or ear damage, and other conditions. Head injuries require immediate medical attention and often need extensive treatment. Victims of head injuries can face piles of medical bills, lost income from missing work, and even permanent impairments and disabilities.

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Boca Raton slip and fall attorney

Holding Businesses Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents

When someone else is responsible for causing an injury, the law allows you to hold them liable for your medical bills and other losses. In some cases, the liable party is another individual though, for most slip and fall accidents, the liable party will be a business. Claims against businesses can often be challenging, so you should not wait to contact a slip and fall lawyer in Boca Raton if you suffered injuries.

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