Let A Delray Beach Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Assist Your Case

Let a Delray Beach Nursing Home Abuse Attorney do the legal heavy lifting for you. They are very familiar with the laws surrounding nursing home abuse and can navigate it easily. Here is how they can make this legal battle easier for you:

  • Negotiate a settlement – Most nursing home abuse cases rarely go to trial — instead, both parties reach a settlement. Through a settlement, the case is dismissed and the plaintiffs receive a financial payout.
  • Commence a trial – If a settlement cannot be reached, the case goes to trial. During a trial, a judge and/or jury will make a decision on the case, including how much compensation (if any) will be awarded to the plaintiffs.
  • Resolve the lawsuit – Lawyers representing both sides will try to resolve the case in a way that is most favorable to them. A trial will resolve when a judge and/or jury reaches a verdict. In some cases, the side that loses can file an appeal to overturn the verdict.

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