How Will A Nursing Home Lawyer Investigate Your Loved One’s Claim?

When you file an abuse case against a nursing home facility, it is likely that the nursing home and its insurance company will deny that their staff did anything wrong. This means that you would need to prove the nursing home’s liability in order to obtain the compensation your family member deserves. An experienced nursing home abuse and neglect attorney will investigate your claim by doing the following:

  • Interview witnesses – Your lawyer should interview your family member who is the victim of the abuse or neglect if he can communicate with your lawyer. He may also want to interview family members or friends who witnessed the illegal treatment or who observed changes in your loved one’s physical or psychological condition.
  • Interview former employees – They can provide a wealth of information, not only about how your loved one was treated, but also about the nursing home practices or treatment of residents in general.
  • Review records – Your lawyer can request a copy of survey reports and inspection reports that may provide evidence of violations of federal or state regulations regarding the care of residents—powerful evidence of abuse and neglect. He may also examine reports of nurses or physicians to determine if they deviated from the standard of care applicable to your loved one’s medical condition.

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