Burn Injury Lawyer Delray Beach: What Causes Burns?

Open flame is the most common reason why people get burned but there are many other causes. Discuss with your Burn Injury Lawyer Delray Beach the cause of your burn injury so he/she can decide on how to best approach your case.

  • Friction burns – This is caused by a hard object rubbing off some of your skin. It’s both an abrasion (scrape) and a heat burn. These are common in motorcycle and bike accidents.
  • Cold burns – Also called frostbite, this causes damage to your skin by freezing it. You can get frostbite by being outside in freezing temperatures. It can also happen when your skin comes into direct contact with something very cold for a prolonged period of time.
  • Thermal burns – Touching a very hot object raises the temperature of your skin to the point that your skin cells start dying. Very hot metals, scalding liquids, and flames all cause thermal burns.
  • Radiation burns – Sources of radiation like x-rays of radiation therapy to treat caner can cause this kind of burn.
  • Chemical burns – Strong acids, solvents or detergents that touch your skin can cause it to burn.

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