Boca Raton Herniated Disc Attorney

Boca Raton Herniated Disc Attorney

Recovering Compensation for Herniated Disc Injuries

Herniated DiscsThe effects of herniated discs vary dramatically from person to person. While one sufferer may experience few symptoms, others may have debilitating pain that prevents them from doing their jobs.

Unfortunately, treatment, including surgery, is not always effective. Sometimes, symptoms from a herniated disc can be permanent.

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MRI and CAT Scans Make Herniated Discs Easier to Diagnose

Between each of the vertebrae in your spine, there is a “disc” acting as a cushion. The outside of the disc is fibrous, holding the soft, clear jelly-like tissue inside.

A herniated disc is when the fibrous outside ruptures, allowing the inner tissue to bulge outward. That’s why a herniated disc is also referred to as a “bulging disc.”

Before magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), this bulging was impossible to detect. Anyone with a herniated disc would be met with skepticism from juries and insurance adjusters, because there was no way to verify that a real injury had taken place. In order to properly diagnose a herniated disc, you will need a CAT scan or MRI.

How herniated discs cause pain in the extremities. When the inner tissue bulges outward from the disc, it sometimes puts pressure on nerves in the spinal cord. The effects of this will be felt in whichever part of the body is controlled by the pinched nerve.

As a result, a herniated disc — normally considered a back injury — can cause pain, numbness, weakness or tingling in your arms or legs.

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