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Injured At Work and Worried About Getting Laid Off

Most employees who are injured on the job avoid filing a workers’ compensation claim for the fear of retaliation by their employer. This results with the injured worker having to use their personal health insurance instead of the workers’ compensation insurance provided by the employer.

Often, injured workers who do not file a workers’ compensation claim and need time to care for injury will end up using sick days or any short term disability they have.

Be aware that your employer cannot terminate you purely because you filed a workers’ compensation claim. However, the employer may terminate your employment even while the claim is still open, but must be able to prove there were reasons to let you go.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Injury

With thousands of personal injury attorneys available, how do you decide on which one can represent you best after an injury? Whether your injury is from a car accident or slip and fall, many experienced attorneys can help. However, experience isn’t the only trait that should be looked at while searching for an attorney.

Follow the 5 tips mentioned below to ensure that you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney.

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What Should You Do If You Get Injured at Work

If you are injured on the job, knowing your rights is important.  Your employer CANNOT fire you because you are filing a claim for workers’ compensation after a work-related injury. There are laws that protect employees from possible retaliations by an employer for reporting injuries.

I was Injured at Work Now What?

What should you do if you get injured at work? Before running into the bosses office and demanding that workers compensation pay the medical bills, make sure the employer is covered and the injury was a work related accident. Your employer is required by law to have workers’ compensation coverage if there is four or more  full or part-time employees.

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9 Florida Car Accident Facts That Will Shock You

Florida’s “Elite” Car, Motorcycle & Truck Drivers

Florida has a large growing population with a diverse background.  As a result, there are wide variety of drivers who perhaps have their own ‘rules of the road’.  As a result, Florida experienced over 281,000 accidents and more than 2,400 fatalities during 2012 in Florida, the third most in the country.

Motor Vehicle Accident Facts

1. Total Accidents: There was a total of 281,340 motor vehicle accidents in Florida during 2012. That is an average of 770 accidents a day, and involved over 468,000 drivers.

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Funnyman Tracy Morgan Still Recovering From The Crash That Left Him With A Traumatic Brain Injury

Tracy Morgan is still recovering nearly four months later from an accident that left him in critical condition with multiple injuries. He was released from the rehabilitation center, that helped treat the traumatic brain injury he sustained as well as other conditions he was recovering from.

The Crash & His Injuries

The crash that injured Tracy Morgan occurred when a tractor trailer rear-ended the limo he was riding in causing it to overturn. Of the seven passengers in the limo, there was on fatality, four of them were in critical condition including Tracy Morgan, and two others were treated and released with minor injuries.

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Theft and Fraud: Uncommon Types of Nursing Home Abuse You Should Know

Who Do I Contact First After A Car Accident?

Things to Do after a car accidentNo one likes to be involved in a car accident. You would have to deal with the damage to other party’s vehicle, the damage to your own car and the insurance company.

If you don’t want to be on the losing end of things, you better get the professional help you need. Putting a delay in calling a lawyer after you’ve been involved in an accident can cause you a lot of trouble more than what you have right now. When asking yourself “who do I contact first after a car accident“, you better have a car accident lawyer saved in your phone so you can call one immediately.

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